Red vs. the Wolf


Arya Nade, School News Writer

After a cancelled semester of school and a play put together on zoom, a year and a half later, the Glenbard South Drama Honors Society is back. This fall Glenbard South will be putting on a full production of the play “Red vs. Wolf”. The cast and crew have been preparing for opening night with incredible determination for about two weeks now. The students are exhilarated to bring the joy of laughter to their audience.

“Red vs. the Wolf” is a retelling of the “Little Red Riding Hood”, but from the perspective of the Wolf. It is a classic tale filled with humour and chaos. This production welcomes all ages of viewers, teenagers, and adults. It is the first live theater performance Glenbard South has put on in one and a half years!

The show dates are September 17 and September 18. Tickets will be on sale online soon. Those interested can keep a look out for pre-sale tickets on the Glenbard South website and Glenbard South Theater Facebook page. This year, tickets will be pre-sold online and the online sale will end the day before the show. However tickets may be purchased with cash at the door the day of the show. Ticket prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12. If you would like to purchase tickets as right now, here is the link to the website-.

This is the first year Glenbard South has had two casts for one production. Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen, one of the faculty in charge of casting and directing the play, said, “We decided to double cast the show because we had so many lovely and talented students audition and we wanted to be sure that we could include as many folks as possible. With two shows and two casts, we were able to open up more opportunities to twice the amount of students.” Both casts are incredibly talented and equally amazing, and audiences don’t want to miss this opportunity to experience live theater again!

Cast to perform on Friday September 17th – Red (Grace Rolston), Red’s Mother (Ella Larramore), Grandma (Xander Mills), Stage Manager 1 (Aniyah Nelson), Stage Manager 2 (Alex Mihailescu), Woodcutter (Kaitlyn Urbanowicz), Wolf (Jess Lundeen), Deer (Julie Salama), and Rabbit (Hans Herrera).

Cast to perform on Saturday September 18th – Red (Gabi Allaway), Red’s Mother (Megan Miskovic), Grandma (Phoebe Kovalsky), Stage Manager 1 (Mike Hines), Stage Manager 2 (Alina Dukala), Woodcutter (Robert West), Wolf (Zach Henry), Deer (Skye Herlien), and Rabbit (Juliana Henry).

“We do not go to the theater like our ancestors, to escape from the pressure of reality, so much as to confirm our experience of it.”
– Charles Lamb.