Future Teachers of America


Luis Irizarry-Ramirez, School News Writer

Students with a passion for teaching would fit right into the Glenbard South’s Future Teachers Of America club. Future Teachers of America is a fellowship of students determined to help others pursue a career in teaching. South’s FTA President, Abigail Crawford, said, “The objective of Future Teachers is to provide high school students an opportunity to go into a classroom and understand what it is like to be a teacher.”
At the organization’s first meeting, the students in attendance presented common concerns, questions, or requests about their placement range. Placement range refers to the grade, school, and subject that people prefer. The environment was very welcoming. Although some may ask, “Who would want to be a teacher?” the students involved love the experience. “I love working with kids and want to be a teacher, this helps me get hands-on experience with that” said Vice President of the club, Lizzie Steele. “It is a club that I would have wanted to be in highschool,” said the club sponsor Ms. Demos.
Considering the current global circumstances, how is this club getting through the year? Crawford explained, “We are going to do our best to get back in the classrooms but with covid, nobody knows what will happen and the future is constantly up in the air.”
Steele furthermore told The Independent, “We are trying our best to get into the classrooms while following all nation and state protocols.” Steele continued on that fortunately, “our club sponsor is keeping in touch with the elementary schools nearby to see if it would be possible for us to get back inside.”
Although the club sponsor, Ms. Demos, is working hard to keep this club going, she elucidated that the club numbers have been low for years, usually only having five people involved. All students interested in the educational system or who want to find an activity to love will be encouraged to attend this club! This next meeting is on October 5th.