Should there be use of technology in the education system?

Wardah Fazil, Opinions Writer

 Over the course of many years, technology has evolved and has played a big part in our lives. Technology has become something that one cannot function without. From looking up directions to searching up a definition, we use technology.

            For the past couple of years, technology has become a subject of interest to the education system. Many schools have been substituting technology in their classrooms instead of tons of textbooks and notebooks. The idea of the use of technology in school has been a topic of debate for many years. There have been proven to be pros and cons but the question remains, should there be the use of technology in school?

           Starting with the good, there are many reasons why people would enjoy and like the idea of the use of technology in school. Many teachers prefer this idea because it provides students an opportunity to work at their own pace. Additionally, it benefits students by providing each individual personalized instruction that is easy for them to understand. Some students are provided with different resources to make it easier for them to understand and complete the assignments. Moreover, technology can also encourage creative ideas and improve proficiency. Ms. Burns, a permanent substitute teacher at Glenbard South, believes that technology can help enhance critical thinking skills.

            Furthermore, technology accommodates students providing them with an easier way to keep up. Technology offers up to date information from all around the web. That helps the school budget as well as families because it makes studying more cost-effective. In addition, it creates an equal opportunity for all students, no matter the background. 

            No matter the pros of technology, the cons are equally important. Research has shown that technology use in school causes less time for human interaction. This is very unhealthy because less human interaction can affect basic life skills like social interaction skills which makes it harder for some people in the real world. Additionally, it can also affect a students decision making and problem-solving skills because 50% of the work is being done by the computer rather than the student. 

            Not to mention, technology makes it easier for students to cheat during tests and important assignments. Additionally, having an iPad or Chrome Book in front of students can be distracting. Students switch out of tabs and usually do other things when they are supposed to be doing the assignment or when the teacher is explaining. A sophomore here at Glenbard South, Simah Osmani, believes that technology is convenient in some ways but prefers paper because it helps her understand the content better and it is easier to pay attention when there’s a hard copy of something in her hand.

            Overall, the debate of whether technology should be used in school or not has been going on for years. Many more schools have implemented technology in their school learning system over the course of the past few years. In the end, what matters is do we adapt as time goes on and increase the use of technology in school or do we go back to old school or textbooks and paper?



Ms. Burns- Permanent Substitute 

Simah Osmani- Sophomore At GBS