New Resource Officer

Maggie Falkenburg, Nation Writer

As students return to the hybrid model at Glenbard South, they will see a new face in the building. The school’s new resource officer, Detective Chiesa, is a welcomed addition to the Glenbard community. Familiar with the neighbourhood and a graduate of Glenbard West, he currently lives in the area. 

Detective Chiesa has worked in law enforcement for twenty-five years. He has worked on multiple task forces and is now a detective. In his line of work, he has received awards such as the State Bar award in law enforcement and a commendation of excellence. 

Detective Chiesa also likes the connections and relationships he is able to create through his job. These relations are what he hopes to build at Glenbard South. Not only an officer to keep the peace, but also, as his title states, a resource for students. Detective Chiesa wants to be a connection between students and the school, an open door to everyone. 

Detective Chiesa will be a presence working for the public, but not always in a uniform. 

Glenbard South looks forward to meeting its new resource officer.