Inaguration Updates


Gabby Jagelaite, Bottom Line Writer

The date has been set for the presidential inauguration to take place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. What can the public expect after the terrible series of events which took place just last week? 

An inauguration is a ceremonial entrance into office. It begins with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swearing in the newly elected president. Then a band plays, “Hail to the Chief,” and the president gives his inaugural speech. Traditionally an Inaugural ball takes place later in the evening while the former president has his belongings relocated from the White House and the new president has his items moved in. 

Last week, a riot of violent protests against the United States Congress occurred when supporters of the current president stormed the Capitol Building. This historic event brought upon many worries for the upcoming inauguration and how to safely introduce the new president into office. 

For the safety of the Capitol City, there will be 20,000 National Guard members as threats to government buildings have been posted on social media by groups involved in the storming of the capitol. The National Guard will also be prepared for improvised explosive devices and pipe bombs which may be used. Public access to the inauguration will also be limited for the safety of president elect Joe Biden. 

The Capitol Building along with all 50 state capitol buildings have been threatened if the current president is removed from office before the inauguration. 

President elect Joe Biden has said that he will still keep the tradition of being sworn into office outside even with the high tensions. Traditionally, outgoing presidents attend the inauguration for the new president, but President Donald Trump, his wife and daughter, Ivanka Trump, have both decided to forego the event. 

One thing is certain whatever the outcome may be: this inauguration will be one for the history books.