Back to Remote

Felicity Abbott, News Editor

As of Monday, November 9th, the Glenbard District 87 will shift back into a fully remote schedule. The reason for this pause was because two of the metrics, positivity rate and number of cases per 100,000, were too high for it to be safe to have students and staff at school. The remote schedule will be in place until the end of first semester.

Students will be expected to return to their remote schedules, having class periods 1-4 on Mondays and Tuesdays, all periods on Wednesdays and periods 5-8 on Thursdays and Fridays. For a weekly breakdown of the schedule including breaks and finals one should check out the Fall 2020 calendar.

In order for District 87 to shift back to hybrid second semester, the positivity rate and number of cases will need to drop significantly to reduce the risk of going to school in person.