Winter Sports Update

Meghan Baehl, Sports Editor

      The Upstate Eight conference and District 87 have decided, due to the lack of agreement between the Governor’s office, IDPH and IHSA on whether basketball will be safe to play, to suspend the basketball season until these groups will agree and align on a plan for safe implementation. IHSA has yet to announce if the basketball season will get moved to a different time of the school year. Along with basketball, due to a rise in COVID-19 cases in Dupage County, IHSA has moved wrestling to the new summer season (April 19-June 26).

       On November 17th, the Governor announced that all winter indoor sports, (bowling, cheer, dance, girls gymnastics, and boys swimming) would be put on a temporary pause. That pause began on Friday, November 20th. Those sports will be on pause until IHSA receives further word from the Governor’s office that they have been deemed ok to return.

     Prior to the announcement of the temporary pause, the athletic department had developed a plan that would create opportunities for student athletes to engage in open gym, open weight room, and open conditioning sessions. At its recent meeting, the IHSA announced it would hold an update meeting on December 2nd to review the status of all winter sports. They have another meeting planned on December 14th should they need to discuss this matter further.