Getting tired of COVID as cases go up


Gabby Jagelaite, Bottom Line Writer

COVID-19 cases have been on a very steep incline in the United States, with more and more people testing positive for the disease. The more tired people get about following guidelines and restrictions, the more these cases will continue to rise. 

Currently America has over eleven million cases of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention. Illinois alone has six hundred thousand cases, and the city of Chicago has gone into another lockdown as people are becoming increasingly more careless with the recommended guidelines that have been put into place since the beginning of March. 

So, what has led to this mass increase of cases? Is it young people being careless and socializing, or is it misinformed citizens? Lots of new information has been shared throughout the course of this pandemic. It began with many thinking that the disease only hurts older generations and those with other medical conditions. As time has gone on, the world has learned the coronavirus can hurt young people as well as those who are very healthy. It has been recommended that all ages take precautions. Even with mild infections, there has been no information about the long term effects of COVID.

Gatherings and meeting with large groups of people should still be put on hold. The nearing holidays should be spent with those in the household. Phones are never far away for virtual visits to friends and other family members. It is still just as important as before to wash your hands, wear a mask that covers your nose, and social distance as much as possible. 

As much as everyone would love to go back to “normal”, the end is still nowhere near in sight. Taking things day by day and making sure to do the best you can when following guidelines will help tremendously.