Forms of Voting in the 2020 Election

Matilda McLaren, Writer

With only seven days until the anticipated presidential election, voters have been flocking to the polls in a myriad of ways. It would be a grave understatement to suggest that this election will be different than those employed by America in the past. 

Due to coronavirus regulations and a very recent upsurge in the alleged number of cases, people have been striving to cast their ballot as safely as possible and perhaps not even leaving the premises of their home.


          According to, aside from the risk of coronavirus transmission, voting in person has been considered rather straightforward and free from possible complications associated with the ballot such as “vulnerability to being stolen, forged or altered.”

In order to successfully vote in person one must first locate all nearby polling places and assess all relative factors. Furthermore, has stated, “If you will be voting in person at your local polling place, review CDC’s recommendations on protecting yourself and your family.”


       In addition the Illinois Department of Public Health also issued COVID-19 Media and Publications which had included extensive examples of interactive graphics, videos and charts regarding any concerns around COVID-19 and how to abide by government issued safety precautions at the following link:


          Therefore, casting one’s ballot early will be an ambitious way to vote among Americans in the wake of this upcoming election. According to the New York Times as of late October 21st, nearly 42,500,000 Americans have already voted, which equated around 30 percent of the total votes cast in the previous 2016 presidential election. 


          Those who will not want to arrive at a polling station on November 3rd out of apprehension that lines will be long and coronavirus transmission remarkably high, have chosen to vote early. Early in-person voting began 40 days before this election on September 24th and will end the day before the election on November 2nd. 


          Another option will be absentee voting where one will cast a ballot via mail in advance of an election due to his or her unavailability to be present at the polls. This year due to coronavirus concerns, the intentions of most voters in selecting absentee voting will be derived from concern over the safety of themselves and their loved ones. The first step to absentee voting was to request a ballot virtually by Thursday, October 9th. 

            The final way one can vote this election season will be through a locked dropbox. Contingent upon the specific location of the drop box, some will be guarded by election workers or overseen with surveillance cameras that will ward off any illicit activity to ensure that ballots will not get tampered with. To locate specific drop boxes, go to 


            If one has qualified as an eligible voter in the upcoming presidential election, it will be integral for the future of America that one will use his or her voice and vote.