Fire and Wine

Mandy Rivera, Scoop Writer

During these crazy times, plenty of restaurants had to learn how to adapt to a new style of business. One such establishment is Fire and Wine, a family friendly restaurant located on Main Street in downtown Glen Ellyn. Fire and Wine has also changed its opening and closing hours and is now open strictly for curbside pickup. 

In response to governor Pitzkers decision to enforce social distancing measures, the restaurant does not allow any customers within the restaurant. In order to be more flexible, customers can place pre-orders during the day for times throughout the night. Currently Fire and Wine is at 80% of their sales before dine-in services were closed. The sole income for all workers is gratuity left on orders. 

Within the restaurant there are only three people taking orders causing it to become very challenging due to the sheer volume of calls received throughout the night. When placing a curbside order, the staff gives customers the option of whether or not to sign the check. Servers also wear gloves that they change after making contact with anything like cash tips and their own personal items. 

When it comes to their take-out menu, things change everyday. Chef John still offers his amazing and interesting specials each night. Since Fire and Wine first closed, the menu has changed a few items. Items like zucchini fries and the calamari have been taken off due to the fact that they don’t travel very well. Not only that, but in order to help employees during this hard time they have marked down wine fifty percent, with all the money going to the restaurant’s employees. However, the menu still has a mixture of the classic favorites and amazing dinners perfect for nights you don’t feel like cooking. 

Fire and Wine can be seen as an establishment that has adapted very well regarding the pandemic and management continues to be very focused on the well-being of its employees and customers.