What to watch on Netflix during quarantine

Reagan Rude, Scoop Editor

As we are faced with the knowledge that social-distancing measures will last until at least May and likely longer, the worry over what to do with these immensely long stretches of time confined to one’s house is sure to arise. Tired of watching reruns of The Office? Looking for more interesting ways to pass the time than scrolling through social media? Here are some shows on Netflix that are sure to be hits.


“Tiger King”: murder, mayhem and madness


I am at a loss for how to even describe this fanatical seven-episode documentary series. Essentially, it is a dive into big cat breeding and its bizarre underworld, populated by eccentric characters. With endless twists and turns, love-to-hate characters and a fascinating plot, this series will captivate anyone who gives it a chance. 


“Dirty Money”

Looking for a documentary series that you will not fall asleep halfway through? This series is an exciting investigation that “provides an up-close and personal view into untold stories of scandal and corruption in the world of business.” Not only is it extremely engaging, but you’ll learn a few things as well. 








You is the perfect show for anyone looking to binge-watch. This psychological thriller about a tech-savvy man who lures a woman into falling in love with him is so unpredictable that you will have to keep clicking “next episode.”

With the charismatic Penn Badgley as the main role, it is weirdly hard to hate Joe, the obsessive stalker-boyfriend. Perhaps what makes the show so interesting is that you cannot blame the girl for dating her psychopathic boyfriend when you yourself cannot help but have a soft spot for him… or maybe that is just me.


“Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return”


In this reboot of the cult-classic show, a human and two robots poke fun at cheesy movies. 

While I have yet to watch the reboot, I absolutely love the original, and the reviews indicate that The Return does not disappoint. This show is a go-to for relaxed nights when you just want an easy watch and to have a laugh.

If you are interested in watching the original series, there are tons of episodes for free on Youtube as well. I am guilty of having watched far too many.