3 Successful tips for E-Learning


Jason Lo, Cutting Edge Writer

With the current pandemic going on in the world, many schools have switched to an E-Learning model. This model makes it so that students can work from home, but when the model is not effective, it can actually harm students more than help. Therefore, here are some tips to help students make their E-Learning journey more efficient.

     Firstly, make yourself a to-do list with the most important things on the top. This way, the things that are most important get done first. In addition, make sure when creating the to-do list, keep in mind when the assignment is due. There is a big difference between a project due today and a project due in a week.

Secondly, be proactive! There is not a teacher with you physically telling you to get your work done; therefore, you need to take action and make sure that you get all of your work done in a way that will benefit you. In that regard, when doing your work, do not simultaneously be using your phone as it may become your biggest obstacle. 

Lastly, move around. When you are normally at school, you change classes every hour; however, with E-Learning you do not get that opportunity. Therefore, after doing some school work, take a break to stretch or do some workouts. Studies have shown that the brain works better with more physical activity. 

Hopefully, these tips help with the E-Learning experience. If you have any strategies that have worked for you, please do not hesitate to contact me @[email protected]