A New Glenbard South Production

Michaela Reif, Scoop Editor

With “Eurydice” closing earlier this month, it seems almost too soon to be looking forward to another Glenbard South theater production. However, due to new scheduling changes implemented by director Jessica Keuth-Rahtjen last year, the spring production has already been casted, and rehearsals are underway. 

Whereas “Eurydice” was a heartfelt tale of romance and sacrifice, the spring show, titled “Miss Holmes” promises entrigue, humor and suspense. The storyline is a genderbent rendition of the classic tale of Sherlock Holmes, developed around the characters of Miss Holmes and her female counterpart Watson. Despite this twist, the play stays relatively close to its roots, including the infamous villain Moriarty, the familiar time period of the 1800s, and Holmes’s memorable wit. 

The actual plot of the play is based upon a classic murder mystery storyline, with unique twists to keep audience members engaged. Throughout the production, viewers will be able to watch as Miss Holmes, played by senior Catherine Andres, and Watson, portrayed by freshman Bryn Showalter, unravel the mysterious disappearances of Thomas Chapman’s wives. 

In a brief interview, Andres shared their excitement for the production, stating “I’m very excited. Not only is the writing really good in the play, and really makes the audience excited for what’s next, but also the people are incredible and I’m really looking forward to working with them more.” 

“Miss Holmes” promises to be an exciting and engaging show, perfect for all age levels. Show dates are April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd. Tickets are expected to cost $8 and can be bought at the door or online.