Live Life Well Week 2020

Olivia Bachar, News Editor

Attention students, Live Live Well Week is coming up! The week will be from February 17th through February 21st. To kick off the week, students are invited to make blankets at Ackerman Sports Center on Monday, the 17th. The 17th is also Presidents’ day, meaning a day off from school. Tuesday the 18th, will be tie dye day, students will attend an afternoon assembly and enjoy a post it note activity. Wednesday the 19th will be flannel day, yoga will be offered in the hallway of champions. Thursday the 20th will be blue out day, free ice cream will be available during all lunch periods. To end the week, on Friday the 21st, it will be a pajama day, students will be able to enjoy free breakfast before school and a ball pit in the commons hallway. Throughout the week, students and staff are encouraged to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, in the commons hallway. Everyone is also encouraged to tweet positive thoughts with the hashtag #LLWW2020.