Muslim students’ association

Anna Novy, Nation Editor

Glenbard South has a variety of culture clubs including Spanish Club, French Club and BeU. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a group of Muslim students who come together to talk about their religion and participate in a variety of events. 

    MSA meets once a month on a Thursday in room 312 right after school until about 3:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend whether they are Muslim or not. Every month there is a different main discussion topic. For example, in October it was what it means to be Muslim, November was why the students should be thankful for being Muslim and December is about how they should view Christmas considering it’s a Christian/Catholic holiday. Haya Kalota is the president for the girls, Omer Siddiqui is the president for the boys and Mrs. McCuiston is the sponsor. Just like every other club at South, MSA has a secretary, treasurer, vice presidents and a social media chair. 

    MSA also participates in the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) where Muslims from all over Illinois compete. The students compete in a variety of subjects including poetry, culinary, Quran recitation, spoken word and debate. Furthermore, prizes are handed out to those who excel and the winners also get to go to state. In the past, Glenbard South has gone to state a few times. 

    Additionally, there is an annual Glenbard MSA event where each of the Glenbards rotate hosting. During the event, the four MSAs come together to see guest speakers come and talk about Islamic lessons and topics. Entertainment, food and games are also provided during the event. This year the event was held at Glenbard West on December 6.

    For more information or if one has any questions, contact Mrs. McCuiston at [email protected] . To be informed about future meetings and events follow the club @gbs_msa.