Anna Novy, Nation Editor

Speech team is for students who want to improve their public speaking skills, meet new people or to try something new. Additionally, there are multiple types of speech that one can choose from. This club is not just about writing and giving speeches and friendships and memories are also made. 

    Sponsor Mrs. Vickers, captain Shayan Malik and assistant captains, Kevin Pinkelman, Collin Sampey and Naomi Friedman run the club. There are no set dates for meetings. It depends on how often people are available. Meetings range from five minutes to thirty depending on what needs to be discussed. During meetings, students can expect to discuss what type of speech they would like to perform and pick out their speech, especially during the beginning of the school year. Different types of speech include prose, poetry, informational and  dramatic interpretation. Once everyone has obtained their speech, meetings will consist of working on speeches and reviewing details for upcoming competitions. 

    Furthermore, there are speech competitions that take place once a month on Saturdays throughout the season. The team usually meets at South at 7:00 am and bus to the competition. During these competitions, students will go from room to room (each room is a different round) and perform their speech for a small group of competitors, as well as a judge. After a full day of performing, there are awards given out. 

    “Speech is a great way to improve as a performer and student. There is an event for everyone, and it looks great on college applications. It’s a lot of fun!” stated sophomore and assistant captain, Kevin Pinkelman.  

    If there are any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Vickers [email protected] or Shayan Malik [email protected].


The speech team at their most recent competition.