AirPods Pro


Jason Lo, Cutting Edge Writer

    After launching the iPhone 11 in late September, Apple has released the brand new Airpods Pro. After two years of waiting for a new model of Airpods to come out, these are sure to cause excitement.

    There are several new additions to the new Airpods Pro. Firstly, the biggest upgrade for the old Airpods models are the fit. The fit of the new Airpods Pro is more secure in the ear, and people do not have to worry about their Airpods falling out. In addtion, they have new ear tips that can be changed to make sure the headphones are making a tight seal and staying in the ear. In addition, the new Airpods Pro are sweat-resistant, unlike the previous Airpods Models; therefore, allowing people the ability to exercise without fear of dropping or damaging their Airpods. Some other interesting improvements have been made to the sound quality of the Airpods Pro. The new noise-cancelling design creates better sound quality due to the extra noise being blocked out. Finally, there is a new transparency mode feature where the in-ear headphones let sound in so people can hear what’s going on around them.

    However, the downsides to this model include that the price being $90 more than the previous models which were $160. In addition, Apple’s competitors have wireless headphones that have the same quality and have a lower price tag. For instance the new Sony headphones have been compared to the Airpods Pro. Furthermore, critics have been saying that the Airpods Pro and the new Sony headphones have similar quality and the Sony headphones are $100 cheaper. 

    In summary, if someone is in the Apple ecosystem and does not already own Airpods, it is a no brainer to get the new Airpods Pro. They are immensely better with their noise cancellation and sweat resistance. However due to the high price tag, someone who already has Airpods, they should wait until the Airpods are broken to buy the new Airpods Pro.