The Little Mermaid Review

Felicity Abbott, Scoop Writer

    Have you ever wondered what life under the sea would be like? This fall, Glenbard South will be diving into the sea life. The Glenbard South Theatre will be bringing to life the whimsical movie and 2008 Broadway show, “The Little Mermaid.” This version on the classic hit will star Gabi Allaway as “Ariel” and Luke Aliga as “Prince Eric.” This young new generation of actors will surely bring a fresh new take on Disney’s iconic film.

     The singing and dancing starts out under the sea. After witnessing a handsome stranger during a shipwreck, Ariel is left wondering if there is more to her life than what the water can offer. Her friend Sebastian (Zach Henry), attempts to convince her that life under the sea is better than life on land, but to no avail. The plot thickens when Ariel turns to a sea witch named Ursula (Catherine Andres), to help her become human. The family-friendly musical keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wonder at what cost Ariel will learn to be happy with what she is given.

     “The Little Mermaid” is a light and playful musical that can be enjoyed by all ages. While the music and scenery of it entrances young children, the comedy keeps the older crowds entertained as well. 

     Not only will the actors be bringing this classic hit to life, but with the help of the tech crew viewers will be transported under the sea. Even though the crew may not be seen during the performance their presence does not go unnoticed. Catherine Andres, who plays the role of Ursula, stated that “Tech plays such a vital role, oh my god! Even though this show is simplistic from an actors perspective, it requires SO MUCH from the crew. There are a lot of scenes that require quick scene changes and constant underscore which can be hard for the orchestra and actors. Truly this show would not exist at all if not for the techies we owe everything to them.” The tech crew most definitely plays a very important role of creating the magic we all see. 

     The cast and crew of “The Little Mermaid” will surely bring the movie’s magic right to us in the Glenbard South High School Theatre. The director of the musical, Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen, said in an interview that “This year we have an extremely hard working group of students in all areas of the production. From actors to the technicians to the members of the pit orchestra, each student is doing their best to make this Disney classic come to life. I cannot wait to see where their efforts take them!” In an interview, Andres adds “I think it’s going to go great, I have a lot of faith in my cast members and there is a lot of talent both in cast and crew this year, we just need to put in the work.” The Little Mermaid will surely be everything we expected and more!

     The musical will run on November 21, 22nd at 7:30 pm and on November 23rd at 12pm. Tickets are $10 each, however children under the age of 10 can purchase $5 tickets to the performance on the 23rd only. Tickets can be purchased online with a credit card at