Prism and gender equality club

Anna Novy , Nation Editor

It is often misconstrued that Prism and Gender Equality Club are essentially the same club, yet that is not the case. While there are some similarities between the two, they are two different clubs with different agendas. The main similarity between the two is the social activism along with the inclusivity of gender. 

Prism, also known as Glenbard South’s Gay-Straight Alliance, focuses mainly on educating both allies of and lesbian, gay, biexual, transgender, students about specific LGBT topics such as the history behind events like Stonewall (a turning point for LGBT rights) as well as holding a safe space for people in the community. Furthermore, Prism is a space where LGBT students can have their voice heard in both their high school and their community. Prism in the past has attempted to partake in events outside of school such as attending drag queen shows. The club is all inclusive, not just for those in the community. Run by seniors Catherine Andres and Charlotte Nelson with Ms. Loewer as the sponsor, meetings are held every other Thursday in room 40 for about 45 minutes after school. This club is important as Andres stated, “I am so happy to lead this club with Charlotte, our co-president! This school is for all students, and it should be welcoming to everyone!” 

For more information, one can contact Mrs. Loewer at [email protected] or Andres at [email protected]


Equally important as Prism, Gender Equality Club (GEC) is a club focused around issues related to gender discrimination/inequality in the United States and around the world. Run by seniors Elsa Ford-Taggart and Maeve Pinkelman with Mrs. Raymond as the sponsor, GEC meets every other Wednesday in room 14 for about 45 minutes. Meetings will have presentations, discussions and movies about gender and feminist related topics, like the importance of pronouns. Discussions range from the difference between gender and sex, whether or not sex work be legalized and about books such as The Handmaid’s Tale

Gender Equality club hosts the annual menstrual hygiene drive. For two weeks in the spring, people are encouraged to donate pads, tampons, pantyliners, money and whatever else they can which is donated to the People’s Resource Center (PRC). This club has a significant impact on the community outside of Glenbard South as well, donating over 5,000 products to the PRC from last year’s drive alone. 

Maeve Pinkelman, co-president, stresses, “GEC is a club made to promote diversity, new ideas and an openness to knowledge and will never turn away anyone for their identity, beliefs, or any other reason”. 

If there are more questions, one can contact Mrs. Raymond at [email protected] or Ford-Taggart at [email protected]