Homecoming Week Schedule & Spirit Days

Michaela Reif, Scoop Editor

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Homecoming Week Activities

  • Monday: Games Night (7pm at Raider Stadium)
    • 12th: Wear Black
    • 11th: Wear White
    • 10th: Wear Red
    • 9th: Wear Blue
  • Tuesday: Powder Puff (7pm at Raider Stadium)
  • Wednesday: Nothing
  • Thursday: Pep Rally & Senior Dance (7pm in the gym)
  • Friday: Football Game (7:30pm for varsity game at Raider Stadium)

Homecoming Week Spirit Days

  • Monday: Color Day
    • 12th: Black
    • 11th: White
    • 10th: Red
    • 9th: Blue
  • Tuesday: Jersey Day
  • Wednesday: Age Day
    • 12th: Elderly
    • 11th: Adults
    • 10th: Little Kids
    • 9th: Babies
  • Thursday: Dress Like Your Hallway Day
    • 12th: 1920s
    • 11th: 1970s
    • 10th: 1980s
    • 9th: 1990s
  • Friday: Neon