Track and Field Preview

Jon Schlaefke, Sports Writer

After a dominant eight-year run the the Metro Suburban Conference, the Glenbard South boys and girls track teams look to continue their success in the Upstate Eight. The new conference presents a difficult challenge for the competitors as they face schools that are nearly three times the enrollment of Glenbard South. More kids equals more talent and the Upstate Eight Conference will have a plethora of great athletes.


When facing great athletes, technique and conditioning become drastically more important. Main coaches Doug Gorsk, Ron Claussen, Chris Aderhold, Dan Bledsoe, Lee Halberg and Chris Mactaggart will be taking on the challenge of training and maintaining the competitors bodies for all seventeen schedules meets.


Senior sprinter and high jumper Mikes Horton, is excited for the obstacles ahead and believes it help him become the best version of himself.


Horton said “Seeing other athletes perform at a high level allows me to set more challenging goals than I have had in the past.”


He would go on to add that the more difficult goals are always the goals that feel sweeter when accomplished.


Track and field can feel like such an individual sport at times. While Glenbard South as a whole has had consistent success as overall teams. The inner drive of each individual athlete is completely made up by his or her own mind. At times competitions will provide maximum effort in an event in order to contribute to an overall team goal but consistent, successful performances by each individual athlete can only be achieved when the competitor is probing something to himself.


Horton, a workout addict, enjoys the gradual grind that comes with the track and field season whether it includes long runs or hours in the weight room. The results the come make the painful process worth it.


“I enjoy showing all my hard work off at the end of the season sectionals competitions” Horton said.


The Glenbard South boys and girls track and field teams are eager to display their skill and hard work in the upcoming season.