FMPC fundraiser

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FMPC fundraiser

William Coleman, News Writer

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On Friday, April 5, Future Medical Professionals Club (FMPC) of Glenbard South hosted a science trivia night fundraiser for the Children’s Oncology Group.

The COG has been a group that has helped families of sick children from the beginning of their cancer diagnosis through during and after treatment with the hopes of a cure and remission. “We wanted to honor Jacqueline Hamann in our fundraiser in order to provide support and awareness in this difficult time,” said President of FMPC Shayan Malik.

Hamann is a member of COG and a part of Project Every Child, which has been working to find the causes of many different cancers through studying tissue samples and conducting clinical trials.

The trivia night contained seven preliminary jeopardy rounds: biology, chemistry, health, psychology, anatomy, medical terms and finally Grey’s Anatomy. There were fifteen questions per round, and the teams with the most points went on to compete in the final jeopardy round on the same subjects. Winners received $50 dollar gift cards from different stores including Amazon and Starbucks.

According to Malik, “The FMPC raised over $300 in donations, ticket sales and bracelet sales.”

The fundraiser was a success and will be expected to occur again next year.

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