Escape Room

Michaela Reif, Writer for The Scoop

A classically eerie thriller film, Escape Room draws its viewers into a dark, twisted reality that becomes impossible to elude. Taking place in an elaborately designed escape room (a room that requires participants to engage in figuring out clues that can unlock the pathway to outside the room) called Minos Escape Room Facility, the movie follows six daring contestants.


The movie begins by explaining the allure of the escape room. After receiving a puzzle, the six contestants are supposed to decipher a cryptic message. If they are able to successfully break out of Minos Escape Room Facility, they will be awarded a large sum of money.


During the beginning scenes of the movie, the audience becomes acquainted with the six contestants. Zoey is a student, timid in nature but is pushed by her professor to try something adventurous over break. Ben, a stockboy, becomes increasingly inundated with life’s demands. Amanda is a war veteran, Mike is a retired miner, Jason is a trader, and the last contestant, Danny, is experienced with escape rooms.


Quickly after receiving the clues, the six unrelated contestants head for Minos Escape Room. Once there, members of the group become acquainted, but are left somewhat confused with the lack of direction. However, they suddenly begin to realize they have already begun the simulation.


Although the group was first impressed with the stunningly realistic set-up, they become increasingly aware of the chilling components of the room. A painted doll and fake phone booth frighten some of the contestants. However, still convinced the room is an elaborate game, Ben attempts to leave for a smoke break. As he begins to open the door, the handle falls off and the room is completely shut off. The contestants begin to understand the severity of their situation.


Isolated with complete strangers in a staged simulation, each of the group members becomes vigilant. As they move from room to room, collaborating to figure out different puzzles and clues, they begin to detect the rooms were created just for them. The puzzles and backgrounds of the rooms begin to mirror their own memories, and vaguely hint that their creator handpicked each of the contestants. The farther the group advances, the more dangerous the game becomes. As stakes soar higher and higher, tensions rise and lives are risked.


Escape Room has all of the classic thriller genre components. Keeping one on the edge of one’s seat, it is filled with plot twists, sinister clues and an unsettling plot. Although perhaps lacking in originality (it seems to belong to the branch of thrillers that owe their inspiration to the 1998 film Cube), Escape Room is still a riveting film. The scenes of the movie are excellently shot, and the variety of intricate and complex backgrounds add life to the movie. Typical of a thriller movie, the film lacks big name actors, but still showcases the incredible talents of the cast: Logan Miller, Deborah Woll, Taylor Russel, Tyler Labine, Jay Ellis, and Nik Dodani.


Overall, Escape Room was a captivating and entertaining film that I would definitely recommend. Currently playing at most local theaters, Escape Room is worth the watch.