Boys Wrestling Recap

Jon Schlaefke, Sports Writer

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As the Glenbard South Boys wrestling team’s regular season comes to a close, it is time to look forward to regionals and beyond.


But first, before the competitors reap the rewards of their performances at regionals, sectionals and possibly state, we should take a look back at the methodical grind that goes into a successful wrestling season. While most sports endure some sort of physical obstacle, wrestling sets itself above the rest. The mental and physical strain put on wrestlers, whether it running before and after practices or saying “no” to a seconds at dinner time, is unrivaled by other high school sports.


In order to compete at a high level, the athletes often must start by establishing a strong body. Countless of working out with the team and individually pay instant rewards on the mats. However, much more than physical strength is required to become victorious.


Next, endurance is a critical asset to have the advantage while competing. When two evenly matched wrestlers meet, outlasting the opposition often determines the winner.


Senior captain Edin Ahmetovic says that “His intense practices with running both before and after help mold an endurance advantage throughout the season.”


The rigorous culture established by varsity head coach Derrick Crenshaw and varsity assistant coach Rob Kichka has challenged the wrestlers to become their best versions of themselves. Practices that included running, situational drills and working out combined with the athletes’ extra conditioning on their own have greatly improved the product the team puts onto the mats.


Finally, commonly said to be the hardest part of being a wrestler, has been making weight. At times, the competitors are asked to lose upwards of 15 lbs in order to reach a lower weight class. Being in a lower weight class is crucial. When every match is about matchups, competing in the correct weight class significantly improves the chances for a wrestler to perform well. This aspect of wrestling affects a wrestlers entire day. Feeling sick, hungry and physically tired are a few side effects that wrestlers put up with for the love of the sport.


For many people, this is too much to handle but Edin Ahmetovic enjoys the struggle.


“I like how whatever you put into, it is what you get back. If you put everything you got into wrestling, you will get great results if you put nothing into it, you won’t get good results and you have no one to depend upon. It’s also very humbling as well.”


On February 2, the boys wrestling team will compete in the regionals tournament at Hinsdale South.

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