Government shutdown

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Government shutdown

Gabby Reese, News Writer

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With the government shut down and President Trump blaming the Democrats for not paying for the wall, some unseen effects have risen.

The TSA has claimed that airports will now be uncharted territory, with thousands of employees calling out of work at day 31 of the government shutdown.

The TSA has been a government agency, so the employees have now been without pay for over a month. It has been estimated that there are 800,000 workers without pay from the FDA, the Coast Guard and the Secret Service.

President Trump has offered a “compromise” to the government; stating that he would extend protections for immigrants for three years in exchange for $5.7 billion for a steal border wall (CNN).

President Trump also said that the shutdown could go on for months, or even a year, if terms will not be agreed upon. He has been willing to withstand the shutdown, due to the multiple businesses that he has owned and hopefully to  get the wall on the Mexican-American border.

The American people can only hope that the conflict within the government will be resolved, so that government workers can go back to work and get their pay.

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