Santa Fe

A Mexican twist to the downtown Glen Ellyn cuisine is offered through the restaurant Santa Fe.


Sohini Surapaneni, Editor for The Scoop

In close proximity to town favorites like the Blackberry Market and Fire and Wine, a Mexican twist to the downtown Glen Ellyn cuisine is offered through the restaurant Santa Fe. It is not only within the price range of a majority of the restaurants in the town, but also has dishes with traditionally large, filling portion sizes. It is a restaurant that I would highly recommend.


In many ways, Santa Fe is very similar to another town favorite — Los Burritos, located on Roosevelt Roosevelt. Much like Los, Santa Fe offers a traditional menu with dishes from enchiladas to tacos. Oddly enough, Santa Fe also has hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches listed in the corner.


Santa Fe emanates a classy vibe with a dimly lit bar and dark wooden tables. Unfortunately, natural sunlight is foreign to see as you eat, and admittedly, the darkness is a little unbecoming to adjust to. However, it is much more suited to slightly more formal gatherings like dates or birthday dinners.


The service is incredible as well. For one, I went to Santa Fe for a birthday party of thirteen. The staff accommodated wonderfully by separating us from as many of the other customers as they could to avoid the disturbances that would accompany a large gathering. Evidently, the waitresses and the cooks were visibly of hispanic descent, and in turn, offered very detailed advice in menu suggestions as they were quite familiar with the food.


Overall, Santa Fe is a very well-rounded Mexican restaurant. Although it is nothing high-end, it also cannot be compared to Taco Bell. The prices for a very filling meal are reasonable, ranging from five to fifteen dollars on average. The next time you are looking for a dinner place, give Santa Fe a shot!