Gratitude day 2018


William Coleman, News Writer

    On Wednesday November fourteenth, Glenbard South held its annual Gratitude Day in the commons, where students wrote thank you notes to a teacher. This event was sponsored by  Students for Students, the Principal’s Advisory Council, the Advocating Charity Through Service Committee, The Council Of Presidents and the Athletic Council.

    Refreshments included pizza, treats and art supplies were provided to students. As the event was meant to show appreciation for teachers who have made differences to students.

    Glenbard South student Sam Reif, chairman of the ACTS Committee explained,  “Gratitude Day is beneficial to both the giver and receiver. For about an hour the commons was filled with the sound of students creating cards, sharing positive energy about teachers, staff, janitors, and bus drivers, and enjoying pizza and snacks. Teachers have shared stories about saving gratitude day cards for years.”  Overall, Gratitude Day had a positive impact on Glenbard South.