More than just the dance team


Anna Novy , Nations Editor

Dance—jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, tap and more. While there is dance team at South which practices early in the morning and has choreographed dances, others may not enjoy this. Luckily, there are clubs here at South that provide the fun and joy that dance can bring without the complications and competitiveness.

     Ms. Alicia McMillian runs the Royals Step Club,  a club that focuses more on rhythm with the hands and feet. Usually members practice a lot of snapping, clapping, stomping, etc. Step Club performs at pep assemblies and other events throughout the school year. They meet Mondays through Thursdays from 3-5:30 in room 64.If there are questions about Step Club, you can contact Ms. McMillian through Schoology or even at the attendance window.

    A second dance club, Orchesis, which seniors, Bella Mittenthal and Matt Litza, run, is a club that allows members to create their own choreography and explore new ideas.

    Instead of dancing for a team, like the Academy of Dance Arts, Orchesis is a non-competitive dance club. There are no limits as to what kind of style or song students can dance to. Orchesis meets every Wednesday at 3p.m. in the dance studio above the gym. Members warmup for roughly 10 minutes, and members will either learn another member’s choreography, work on group dances, work in small groups or work individually so students have time to work on their ideas in the studio.

    If there are any questions about Orchesis, contact Bella Mittenthal, Matt Litza or the sponsor Ms. Hill.