Homecoming 2018


Olivia Bachar , News Editor

Homecoming 2018 was kicked off in a big way! It began on September 28 with the decorating of the hallways. The freshmen made their very own Los Angeles walk of fame with celebrities such as James Charles and Shane Dawson. The sophomores went the extra mile by attaching pool floats around their Miami hallway. Juniors took on New York with giant playbills, taxis and the skyline. Seniors showed Honolulu through fish, grass skirts and flowers.

Then, on September 29, the Link crew hosted the annual movie on the field for the freshmen. Continuing, the week progressed on with Paint your parking space on September 30, with paintings of everything from Spongebob to Chicago were made. Overall, both events were huge successes with over 100 people in attendance

On October 1 the festivities went on further with Pajama day and Games Night. The next day, October 2, students celebrated by attending the Powderpuff Game and dressing as Memes and Vines. The game was juniors vs seniors with the seniors winning  by a tiebreaker of 1 point. Then on Wednesday, October 3rd, came age day with freshman dressed like babies, sophomores dressed like toddlers, juniors dressed like adults and seniors dressed as senior citizens. Even the teachers participated by dressing as teenagers.

October 4 was the Community Pep Rally and Hallway Day. Freshmen dressed up  for Los Angeles, Sophomores dressed for Miami, Juniors for New York, and Seniors as Honolulu. This past Friday was color day and the football game. The varsity game began at 7:30. For colors, freshmen wore blue, sophomores wore red, juniors wore white and seniors wore black. The day was accompanied by a school pep rally. The actual dance was on Saturday, October 6th, from 7-10 p.m.