Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence

Tyler Meeks, News Writer

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In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina, as well as parts of Virginia, dropping a maximum total of 35.93 inches of rainfall throughout the area. The hurricane originated from a strong tropical wave off the west coast of Africa on August 30th,  2018, and continued through towards the United States. Hurricane Florence was classified as a level 4 major hurricane, with wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour.
    As massive flooding, structural damage and loss of electricity has occurred throughout the area, forty seven casualties occurred between the three states. “This deadly storm has left a lasting impact on families, neighborhoods, and communities across a wide swath of our state,” said Governor Cooper of North Carolina. “Now is the time to pull together to help our fellow North Carolinians recover from Hurricane Florence and rebuild even stronger than before.” (WITN News)
    Though the hurricane has since died down, record amounts of flooding has been occurring throughout the region. Authorities in Georgetown County, South Carolina, have put as many as 8,000 people on alert for evacuation, as up to 10 feet of floodwater is expected for the area. Many people have lost housing and possessions in the devastation.

President Trump has since made comments on the activism from the people of North and South Carolina. “I just want to thank all of the incredible men and women who have done such a great job in helping with Florence.” He was recently in the area, helping pass out food and water to victims and speaking to other survivors during their time of need.
    Currently, with state-wide cleanup committees and support from organizations such as the Red Cross, the future is looking up for the victims of this devastating natural disaster.

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