South’s first day back


Olivia Bachar , News Editor

Today, August 15th 2018, is a happy day for enthusiastic students but a sad goodbye to summer for others. It’s the first day of school at Glenbard South! School has started a week early for the second year in a row. This early school comeback allows students to retain more information between school years, while also releasing students out earlier (to enjoy summer vacation) later in the spring. Also, here are a few reminders to students. The tower tends to get crowded very easily; a common sight at the beginning of the school year. We advise students to try to walk quickly and make sure to not block any of the stairs or entrances. The guidance counselors have also been very busy as they need to deal with wrong schedules and early year necessities. Therefore, if it is not urgent please wait for a less frantic time. Go in and make an appointment for next week or email your counselor instead. Last but not least, here’s a big welcome to our many exchange and transfer students this year!  We are all grateful that you chose to come so far, from places like Germany and Puerto Rico, to have fun and great school year at Glenbard South.