Postcards to Stoneman Douglas

Olivia Bachar , News Editor

On February 14 2018, a gunman opened fired on Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 17 students and teachers were killed, some as young as 14. A teacher from Stoneman Douglas then asked that schools from across the nation send handwritten letters to the students and staff. The response was so great that the school requested banners instead. In response, South wrote over 300 messages of hope, strength, love and prayers. The banners, on which the postcards were placed, also have a drawing. Sophomore Lea Gaijnov created a banner with Glenbard South’s and Stoneman Douglas’s mascots, the Raiders and Eagles, sharing a peaceful handshake. The banners have been displayed by the main entrance, prior to the walkout, held on March 14th, as a gentle reminder as the purpose. They will be sent out in the following days to Stoneman Douglas.