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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Noemi Orrantia, Scoop Writer

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Coco, the newest addition to the Pixar movie franchise, came out on November 22nd of this year and is already a smash hit. Directed by Lee Unkrich, Coco takes place in the heart of Mexico and during the Dead of the Dead. The film is about a 12 year old boy named Miguel Rivera, an inspiring musician who wants to make it big on stage. But ever since his great great grandfather’s disownment from the family after pursuing a career in music, Miguel’s family is more than just hesitant about his dream. Miguel is accidentally transported into the land of the dead, where he goes on a journey to seek the help of his great-great-grandfather to help him get him back home to the land of the living.

Personally, being Mexican and watching this movie really brought a smile on my face because it reminded me of what my family and I do every year during the Day of the Dead.You can see the amount of research they did to get every piece right.The subtle detail and attention to tradition are what really caught my eye. The animation of this movie gives the classic Pixar/Disney look but gives a clean bright look that shows the fun and happiness that Day of the Dead represents. The music soundtrack is also spot on as well, reminding me of old traditional mariachi music and ranchero music, but it is very catchy and modern and will have you humming the song after you leave. The movie’s visuals and music are spots on and the amount of time they took to make this movie is clearly shown by its small details.

Coco is a memorable movie that really shows Mexican culture in a fun, seamless way. The movie brought me to tears by its plot and its way of reminding me of my family traditions. I rate this movie a 10/10 for its animation, music, and its research to make the small details perfect. I recommend this movie for people to see if they want to see amazing animations and enjoy the story/plot of a beautifully made movie.

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