A morning with Santa

Olivia Bachar, News Writer

We have arrived upon the most wonderful time of the year: the holidays. To celebrate, the Glenbard South choir held a Breakfast with Santa. McDonald’s pancakes and Starbucks coffee were served for the breakfast. Mrs. Skizas, the choir director, stated, “So many groups pitched in like Habitats for Humanity, National Honors Society, the Little Raider Preschool and many more.”

Over 235 people were in attendance at the event and participated in all the activities there were to offer which included snowman ornaments, dream catchers, reindeer handprints, Christmas cards and more.

The profit from the event will go back into the choir fund, Skizas said, “The money will be used to fund a trip from a group called the Cat’s Pajamas and get the Madrigals new outfits.”