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The student news site of Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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The student news site of Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans of all races, religions and ethnicities come together for a day of gratitude and celebration. Plates of mac and cheese,...


Fall Fashion Fads

Graphic of some recent fall fashion fads created by Amelia Buhle.

As with nearly every other season, the fall of 2023 has seen the rise of various fashion fads. According to an article in Vogue, some of the most popular emerging trends are power dressing, metallics, layerable lace and more. These new styles play a pivotal role in the clothing that can be found within high schools, and Glenbard South is no exception. Students and teachers alike have a variety of opinions on these fall fads. 

Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen, an English and fine arts teacher, gave a very enthusiastic opinion on fall fashion in general. “The thing I love most about fall fashion is that it is never about one singular item,” she said. “The mix and match possibilities of flannels, crewnecks, hoodies, sweaters and your basic tees are endless. With just a few good basics, you have almost unlimited possibilities for outfit combinations.”

Junior Jaci Alvarez shared a similar excitement as that of Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen. During the month of October, Jaci set a goal to create Halloween makeup for herself every single school day. When asked why she chose to do this, she responded, “I find themes to be a fun thing to do year-round, but especially around the holidays. It gives me a chance to show off every style I can create while including your favorite characters, treats and more!”


However, both Alvarez and Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen agree that there are various fashion fads that should not be as popular as they are. “The trends dipping back into everyday business casual is an aggressive resurgence of the late 90s and early 2000s that needs to stay in the past,” Keuth-Rahtjen said. Her personal fashion grievance is with layering lace. “Don’t get me wrong, the pairing of a soft lace can take a basic outfit and elevate it towards elegance,” she said. “Let it have its fun, trendy moment, but she will be an unsustainable investment.”

Alvarez also has a fashion pet peeve: metallics. Recently, silver and gold clothing has been making its way onto runways across the world. “I view it as too flashy for my taste,” she said. Alvarez added that she much prefers matte colors with only a hint of sparkle, especially during fall. 


However, there is another opinion about fall fashion fads floating around Glenbard South High School: those who simply don’t care. Mr. Hiles, a History teacher at South, summed it up perfectly when he said, “I only care about fashion trends when it affects what I can buy at Kohl’s since ninety percent of my clothes come from there. I may notice the trends if I buy an article of clothing for my wife or daughter and the salesperson helps me.”


Despite this, Mr. Hiles is not oblivious to the ways of style. Similarly to Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen, he noticed fashion trends that have made a return from when he was younger. One of his favorite fads that re-emerged in 2023 is corduroy because he commented, “It reminds me of my childhood in the early ‘80s.” Mr. Hiles finds the comeback of women’s flared pants fascinating as well. 


Regardless of what anyone thinks about the fashion fads of 2023, there is no doubt that these trends emerge in cycles. For many adults, like Ms. Keuth-Rahtjen, the changes to style are more interesting than the physical clothes themselves. “It is fun for me to see how these trends will return and shift,” she said. “So long as we leave low-rise jeans in the rear-view mirror, everything will be okay.”

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