Abbott Elementary: A Show Full of Heart


Source: IMDB

Emma Pekkarinen, School News Editor

A heartwarming comedy, Abbott Elementary is the perfect watch for anyone who wants to experience all the sweet childhood memories of their elementary school packed with delightful humor. 

The show’s star is a young teacher named Janine Teagues, played by the show’s creator Quinta Brunson. Teagues’s nerdy and optimistic personality may make her colleagues roll their eyes but the character’s clear passion for education is a joy to watch. While her overzealousness for her job may get her into trouble, like the time she tried to fix a lightbulb and ended up causing a power outage for the entire school, she truly cares about each one of her students.

Teagues is accompanied by a stellar ensemble as well. From the principal who’s obsessed with impending doom, from natural disasters to aliens, and her “true passion” of being an influencer,  the spunky janitor, millennial history teacher to the angelic Kindergarten teacher, each member of the cast brings something new to the table. 

While a comedy, the show does not shy away from the fact that teaching is an extremely difficult job. From delving into topics such as mental health and burnout as well as the stress of working at an under-funded school, Brunson brings these issues to light all with entertaining comedy. The show also discusses the issue of Charter Schools, which are becoming increasingly pervasive especially in Philly, the city the show takes place in. Charter Schools are schools which take government funding and funding from wealthy donors for their school but do not have the same requirements as public schools, therefore they can deny admittance to students and have unlicensed teachers. 

Though the school centers around life at an elementary school the show is also a reminder that teachers are people too. A painfully slow-burn romance between Janine and another teacher at Abbott, Gregory Eddy, akin to Jim and Pam’s relationship in The Office, keeps viewers tuning into each episode desperate for a concrete move to be made. Teagues, along with the other teachers, has her own family and romantic obstacles that the show explores as well as job related drama. 

Abbott Elementary is a delightfully heartwarming sitcom. The show airs on Wednesday nights on ABC and is now taking a scheduled break before coming back for season three. With two masterfully written seasons under her belt, season three of Abbott Elementary is sure to only be just as spectacular.