Zendaya’s Detail-Oriented Career



Jaden Juengel, Scoop Writer

Zendaya, the critically acclaimed gen-Z actress, has meticulously surmounted to icon status with diverse roles ranging from ambitious acrobat in The Greatest Showman to teenage addict in the HBO drama series, Euphoria. Through her prestigious, impressive work as an actress, Zendaya has achieved a Golden Globe and two Primetime Emmys (Britannica). Zendaya encapsulates obscure micro-emotion, immersing her audience in layers of intrigue and passion. Further, Zendaya has unabashedly curated a niche in melding brutal authenticity with sarcasm and satire.

Zendaya’s career began in dance and theater, and continued to develop through her roles acting on Disney channel, starring in Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover. In addition to her Disney productions, Zendaya’s initial roles garnered mass attention, prompting subsequent features in music videos from Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars (Britannica).

In her recent roles, Zendaya plays the comedically charming “MJ” in the Spider-Man series and co-stars in the sci-fi thriller film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Zendaya is charismatic and magnetic, fostering uniquely complex characters while enhancing the emotional tension of each project and artistic endeavor.

Zendaya’s work includes a fashion brand Daya by Zendaya which strives to promote inclusivity and accessibility, emboldening customers in stylistically chic gender neutral pieces (Essence). Zendaya dazzles red carpet premieres in thematic attire, clad in silks, draped in ruching and pleating. On the red-carpet for the premiere of Spider-Man, Zendaya’s gown was lined in glittery webbing and accentuated by a slit, elongating her figure. While on the red-carpet for Dune, Zendaya was aesthetically suited in a skin-tight beige dress, which coherently realized the neutral palette of the film’s cinematography. By maintaining keen attention to detail through her fashion choices, Zendaya amplifies the hype surrounding her work, furthering the anticipation for her upcoming roles.

 Zendaya’s filmography is simultaneously satirical and vulnerable, showcasing her impeccable talent as an actress. Further, Zendaya maintains an ambiance of intrigue, encompassing her work in incandescence and thrill. Overall, Zendaya’s work continues to enrapture her audience in mystique, humor, and enthusiasm.