“Legendborn:” A New Age of Magic


Source: Goodreads

Haley Wong, Feature Editor

Bree thought she could find a home in UNC’s residency program for gifted high schoolers, but that was before her world turned upside down. Now, she would do anything for the home she shared with her mother, who died in a car accident a few months ago. Even as Bree stands on the grounds of the college her mother attended in her own youth, she could not feel any more detached from her legacy. When she encounters a flying demon and two magic-wielding students on her first day of school, however, she realizes that this campus, along with her mother’s past, holds more secrets than it lets on.  

Desperate for clarity, Bree infiltrates the Order, a secret magical society with ties to King Arthur. There, she is thrown into an exclusive guild built on generations of sacrifice and stolen power, in which mages, knights and monsters have transcended from children’s books to reality. To avoid suspicion from the legitimate members, Bree enlists the help of Nick, a scorned Legendborn warrior, to pose as her mentor. 

Bree’s personal motives are soon overshadowed by the pressing crisis of war. The Order’s Legendborn have been keeping demons at bay for centuries, but as dark forces rise, it becomes clear that Bree must risk everything she has ever known for peace.

“Legendborn” is the daring chronicle of a young woman coming to power in more ways than one.

This book refuses to be an idle read. Its complex lore creates a fantastical universe that entices readers from the very start. Charming and vast, the mystical world of the Legendborn is truly unforgettable. Despite all the impending doom and broken bones in this reality, I frequently found myself daydreaming about a life as a Legendborn. Who needs functioning limbs when there are hellhounds to defeat? This complete disregard for my personal safety is merely a testament to the writer’s unmatched skill for worldbuilding.

Legendborn is an incredibly versatile work, effortlessly intertwining ancient Arthurian myth with a secret history of magical bloodlines. Tracy Deonn’s bright imagination has created a story about a million different things, yet the plot maintains an admirable balance throughout. Bree’s heartache following the loss of her mother nurtures an emotionally intelligent piece, but this book remains a fantasy novel at heart.

Bree’s mourning is real, raw and alive. Her turmoil cleverly presents itself through her “Wall,” a mental block she uses to visualize the suppression of her emotions. This serves as a clever manifestation of her pain as well as concrete proof of the author’s empathetic connection to her characters. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that Bree’s later development is a natural and rewarding victory. 

Legendborn is a modern-day classic, an enchanting tale of adventure, destiny and reckoning. The story continues in Bloodmarked, to be released on November 8th, 2022.

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