Chat GPT: An Alluring Technological Advance that Could Change the Face of the Internet  

Chat GPT Logo
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chat GPT Logo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Annika Norquist, In-Depth Writer

In an ever-evolving technological stratosphere, it should be no surprise to any 21st-century dweller that there is now an online chat service that can provide the most extensive and exacting information at the click of a button. What is this newfound popular phenomenon? A powerful artificial intelligence model -Chat GPT- that uses artificial intelligence-generated content to provide an immeasurable amount of information to its users. 


How does Chat GPT work? 


To access Chat GTP, users must first go to where they can easily set up a free account by entering their email addresses or phone numbers. Once users gain access to the Chat Bot, they can ask questions to receive information, request written feedback and carry a conversation with the AI bot. More specific questions and requests will yield more precise and complex feedback. For example, the robot will compute various explanations of biology, if a user writes “Explain photosynthesis as a college professor would”; they will receive a much more detailed explanation than a user who wrote“Explain photosynthesis”. 


What are the most important issues that have risen with the adoption of Chat GPT? 


With the emergence of any new form of technology, there are going to be problems. For Chat GPT, there have been few errors in the actual information that is being produced, however, discrepancies have occurred on rare occasions. Google, along with other major internet companies, are scrambling to compete with this innovative tool and there have been speculations that Chat GPT might just take over the internet because of the sheer magnitude of available information, as well as its accessibility. Another very common problem that has arisen with this new platform is the potential for plagiarism to become more prevalent. Since Chat GPT has incredibly advanced writing capabilities, it could technically assist users in the act of academic dishonesty, which is why schools have either banned the web page or are utilizing its plagiarism detection software. 


What does the Future Hold for Chat GPT?


Chat GPT has partnered with Snapchat Extensive Int. in Microsoft 365 Suite of Applications. As for what specifically the future holds, experts say that a ChatGPT takeover is not imminent, however, the technology is likely to continue improving.