Student Opinions on the New Schedule


The introduction of the Glenbard Hour has elicited varied reactions from students. Source: Mrs. Santee

Ella Pope, Opinions Writer

Glenbard South has recently announced a new change in the bell schedule with the addition of a new period two times a week called the Glenbard Hour. This new schedule creates a chance for students to get extra help or work on projects and homework for classes during school hours.

Many students have expressed how the new addition of the Glenbard Hour will help them in their classes. By supplying a separate time to meet with teachers during the week, there will be fewer scheduling issues for students, which helps students who are struggling in classes to obtain the help they need without intruding into their other obligations.

Alyssa Longo, a sophomore at Glenbard South, believes that the schedule change will benefit many students by providing the freedom for students to seek additional guidance from their teachers. She explains, “I think it will help keep students accountable for actually going and getting help because we have the designated time to do so.”

Glenbard South student Audrey Bianclana also shows her support for the new schedule change. She explained, “I think the schedule change will benefit me because it gives [students] extra time to work on homework or get extra help with teachers.”

While the new change is well-liked among some students, others still have worries about how the Glenbard Hour will work for those not needing extra help. For students who do not need the extra time to meet with teachers or do homework, the Glenbard Hour will most likely only amount to unused time.

Sophomore Olivia Seaman shares how she feels the additional time from the Glenbard Hour will be pointless to her education by explaining, “I personally don’t think it will help me because I typically stay on top of my homework and do not have missing work, so a study hall won’t benefit me.”

One idea that students proposed to create a better use of time for those who do not need a study hall is to allow students to meet for student-led meetings for clubs and other activities during the Glenbard Hour. 

Andrew Lullo, a very involved sophomore at South, is hopeful for a possible change to the Glenbard Hour to allow these types of meetings. He explained how he does not typically need to meet with his teachers outside of school or the additional homework time. The ability to meet with other students during the Glenbard Hour could increase interest in a variety of clubs, as students who are unable to make it to before or after-school meetings would have additional time to meet with these groups.

With a few minor changes, the Glenbard Hour could be a perfect addition to Glenbard South. It will positively impact students and diminish stress as students are easily able to get extra help or work on homework at school instead of at home. This would allow students to get involved in other, more enriching activities instead of worrying about schoolwork.