Lebron James Breaks the All-Time Scoring Record


Lebron James goes up for a fade-away jumper to break the all time scoring record in the NBA. Source: Boston.com

Mary Kate Pinkelman, Sports Writer

Lebron James has added another record to his seemingly never-ending list when he scored his 38,388th career point against the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 8th. James made history and broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 39-year long record of the all time most points scored by a single player in NBA history. This event had been highly anticipated since the beginning of the season, as James’s fans waited patiently as he inched closer and closer towards the record every game. Within the Lakers past three games, ticket prices skyrocketed up to $60000 as a result of desperate diehard fans wanting to see history.. When the moment finally occurred, officials paused the game to honor this incredible moment, and thousands of people cheered as Abdul-Jabbar, who was in attendance at the game, embraced James and hoisted up a basketball before handing it off to James, acknowledging his passing of the crown.

Lebron James has had a spectacular 18-year long career, and the 38-year-old seems to have no desire to retire anytime soon. Starting his NBA career in 2003, James was selected as the first overall draft pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was a strong asset in just his first season receiving rookie of the year and led his team in scoring, steals and minutes played. James spent seven years in Cleveland before being traded to the Miami Heat where he would win back-to-back NBA championships and MVP awards. He moved back to Cleveland for four seasons where he won his third championship and various other awards until he was finally traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, his current team. Over the course of his career, James’ dominant playstyle never wavered as he accrued more records and seemingly impossible feats with every game he played. Despite being one of the oldest players on the NBA court today, James has no plans of retirement in the near future. He dreams of playing with his son Bronny James, and will not stop his efforts until that hope becomes a reality.

With his recent breaking of the scoring record, the never ending discussion of who is the greatest basketball player of all time, or GOAT, has picked up steam as people around the world discuss who deserves the title, Micheal Jordan or Lebron James. Although we will never get to see the two face off on the court, the question is one of the most widely debated questions around the sports world as each has dominated in their respective era. Despite this rivalry, both competitors are friendly and congratulatory of the other, proving their stand up attitude on and off the court.

Michael Jordan congratulates Lebron James on his record. Source: mirror.co.uk

It is no doubt that history is being made as James continues to play at the highest level against the best competition every year. His astonishing level of play continues to shock the masses and this record is just one aspect of his athletic talent.