Getting to Know BEU


A BEU group photo. Source: Aniyah Nelson

Enaya Siddiqui, Feature Writer

Gabrielle Seymour is a Black Excellence United member here at Glenbard South. By all means, she loves being a part of BEU. This month being Black History Month, Gabby was seen on the announcements, advertising BEU’s upcoming events.

Being a new student is hard, and for Seymour, joining the GBS student body was lonely at first. Searching for community, she joined BEU during her second week at South. Seymour describes her first impressions of the club as “a very welcoming environment.”

Joining clubs that appeal to one’s  liking is a great way to make new friends, and Gabby was thrilled to meet inviting people at her new school. BEU has promoted all sorts of activities and events that help students connect with each other.

In previous years of her education, diversity was scarce. However, she found a diverse and varying student body within Glenbard South. BEU’s presence, she believes, has helped students connect with their peers.

Seymour said, “I think it’s important that African American students have representation at this school.” Which is 100% pertinent to many students who would like to connect with their community or others. Having that safety net and representation has been important to not only kids apart of BEU but also many other clubs at our school.

BEU meets every month on Wednesday afternoons. Some of its activities include playing games, having good discussions and sometimes even going to the theater to watch movies. During the holidays, they enjoy discussing Black history in relation to such celebrations throughout the year. In the future, they hope to expand their horizons by hosting a wider variety of events. Surely, BEU’s influence on Glenbard South will only continue to grow.