The Powerful Longevity of Grey’s Anatomy

Source: American Broadcasting Company (Link to

Source: American Broadcasting Company (Link to

Jaden Juengel, Scoop Writer

 Grey’s Anatomy, the medical drama known for its impressive longevity and heart wrenching one-liners, recently launched its immensely anticipated 19th season. Throughout the drama’s duration, creator, Shonda Rhimes, has meticulously curated a plethora of fiery romances, captivating her audience with candid authenticity and palpable passion. Rhimes seamlessly suspends belief, whisking her characters through an intricately woven array of trauma, desire and eventual triumph. An article by Forbes, expresses that the series, “is the longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history, and is ABC’s longest-running current show,” (‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Renewed For 19th Season: Here Are The Careers Launched By The Show).

Through Grey’s Anatomy, Rhimes has blazed a trail for diversity, representation and inclusivity in the contemporary film industry. In an interview with Insider, starring actress, Ellen Pompeo, explained, “‘It’s not enough to just have a Black character on a show or an Asian character on a show or a nonbinary character on the show,”…‘You then have to back that up and have representation in the writers room to write for that character,’”(Ellen Pompeo reacts to Shonda Rhimes saying the diversity on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ makes her ’embarrassed’ for TV: ‘I am still shocked at where we are’).

Grey’s Anatomy has surmounted to remarkable success with narratives solidified through realism, integrity and authorial legitimacy. The series delves through the validity of intimate interpersonal relationships and provides dignified, empowering voices to under-represented groups throughout the film industry. Overall, Grey’s Anatomy is a must-watch portrayal of human complexity.