Favorites of Glenbard South


Pictured is a view of the front of Glenbard South, Image from Daily Herald website 

Samantha Sadorf, In-Depth Writer

Glenbard South high school has a wide range of classes and clubs. While walking through the hallways you might see certain things that stick out. Students and staff attending Glenbard South have learned to love the school and enjoy its many perks. 


Lengthy passing periods:

After talking with multiple students, a fan favorite was the long passing periods, which are a span of 5 minutes long. The 5-minute passing periods allow students to get to their classes on time and converse with their friends. Since the science hallway is separate from the other classes, students have to walk more to get to the science hallway and back to their other classes. Although the science hallway is farther away, the 5-minute periods allow students to get there and back within the allotted time period. Since most classes are in the same area the periods allow students to talk with teachers after class or talk with friends. 


AP cafe – Hot chocolate:

AP classes can be taken for numerous reasons. Students that take AP classes know how challenging they may be. Glenbard South offers extra help for these classes in the AP cafe. The AP cafe also offers help and things like hot chocolate for students in AP classes. To take off some stress, students can enjoy conversing with friends and taking hot drinks to class. 

Pictured is a view from the stage of Glenbard South’s smaller theater space. @GBSTheatre on Twitter.



Glenbard South’s fine arts program has a large community. While watching or performing plays, it’s important to have a captivating environment for everyone to enjoy. The decor in the little theatre along with the rounded stage add personality to the room. When walking into the theatre, you are able to see the entirety of the stage and that creates a cozy atmosphere. The rounded stage and the seats that circle around make it captivating and pull the audience into the art that is being shown on the stage. South’s theatre has a feel like no other and really makes South feel attentive to detail. 



Teachers make or break the school year. They are a big part of the students’ enjoyment. Without teachers, we wouldn’t receive a proper education. Student, Briana Coppolino, made it clear that teachers are the most important part of school and they have the potential to make the classroom setting more captivating. She says, “Social Studies is my least favorite subject but Mr. Hiles makes it more enjoyable with his teaching in AP human geography.” This demonstrates the fact that teachers make learning fun and they have the ability to make it more interesting for the students. 


The announcements:

Sometimes students aren’t filled in on everything that goes on at school. The announcements are a good way to have students know what goes on. The announcements are run by students and have many different categories. Students telling other students what happens at school is more enjoyable and feels like they’re just talking to a friend. The announcements also inform students about upcoming events, like clubs and sports. For example, near homecoming the announcements told all students how much money tickets cost. Also, the announcements are shown to everyone on Mondays so no one is left out.