The Line

Depiction of the Line when it’s completed-picture from: 

Samantha Sadorf, In-Depth Writer


Seemingly only existing in a dystopian novel, the Line will be a compact city that has all necessities for living inside of it. It will be located in Saudi Arabia and stretches 100 miles and is completely covered in reflective mirrors. The Line is mostly known as a ginormous skyscraper that will house millions. It will house roughly 9 million people and stretch across northwestern Saudi Arabia, near the Red Sea. The Line is a very vertical structure, with the width being only 200 meters. Along with that, the Line will be completely enclosed in reflective glass walls. The Line will be located in Neom, Saudi Arabia. What’s so unique about the sign is that it’s a one-building city, so people can live normal lives inside of a singular structure. The Line is so unique because it can house millions of people while being run on renewable energy; there are no cars so it is much better for our ecosystems while preventing global warming. 



Since the Line is so compact, there is only limited space for living areas since it can house a lot of people. The Line is like a normal city, just compacted into a small area. It has everything someone would need like, schools, stores, etc. The Line includes vertically stacking housing options similar to an apartment. There will also be a high-speed rail that will bring citizens from one side to another, while people will also have access to parks and nature things. Citizens will live within a 15-minute walking distance from all of their essentials.



There are positives and negatives to the new skyscraper. The Line, can fit many residents and give the heavily growing population places to live. The Line takes up much less energy than a regular city because there are no automobiles inside of it. However, the Line can ruin the ecosystems of Saudi Arabia. The Line takes up a lot of space while simultaneously giving humans compact spaces to live in. However, many think that The Line feels like we are going into a futuristic, dystopian-like society.



The Line is a new concept for many people, but a large amount of the population is still unaware of its possibility. The Line is important because it is a highly technological city. As population numbers increase, there will be a higher demand for housing and jobs. The Line helps provide people with both of these necessities, while also giving people close by nature and luxuries. Since the population is increasing in numbers, soon enough other places will have their own version of The Line. The Line and other structures like it will help people sustain their lifestyles. The Line is going to be built in 2030, and will house millions of people while simultaneously running on renewable energy, meaning no fossil fuels. So not only is The Line beneficial for humans, but it is also helpful to the environment.