Why School Pride is Important


Raiders show up to support the football team! 

Isha Shah, In-Depth Writer

School pride is the idea of feeling a connection with the school community and being proud to represent the values of a school. The sense of belonging and pride have positive impacts on the school community from student success to a better school environment. 


School pride has been shown to increase student success and leadership. One research project by Varsity Brands illustrated that students with higher levels of school pride are more likely to perform better academically, are more civically engaged, and are also happier. In fact, these students are also more likely to have a better GPA and to look for secondary education after high school. About 90% of principals reported that its important to encourage school spirit and that it is a key measure of the effectiveness of administration. School spirit also helps students feel more connected to their community. Students report that their school pride has helped them feel like they belong in the school and therefore are more likely to ask for help and support systems. These students also involve themselves in school activities and events such as attending football games, watching school plays and participating in clubs and school sports. 


School spirit can be fostered through celebrating athletes, recognizing the hard work of student leaders and staff, and acknowledging the achievements of all students. 


Glenbard South has taken several initiatives to encourage Raider pride such as Welcome Wednesdays, Student of the Week, Raider wheel spin, and through celebrations of the Cross Country team that recently placed 3rd in state. 


According to one Glenbard South Student, “I am proud to be a Raider because I feel more connected to other students and staff in the building. In addition, I have found several supports within the Raider community!”