An Artist’s Journey: Glenbard South Student Mikey Alam


Mikey Alam, a Glenbard South sophomore, is an expert at building off this spark to create complex artistic pieces. Source: Mikey Alam

Briana Coppolino, Feature Writer

All it takes is a spark of inspiration. With it, passionate artists can turn their ideas into a masterpiece.

Alam has always loved bringing his ideas to life, and doing so gave him an outlet to express himself. 

Alam mentioned that it is very easy for him to appreciate the artwork of others, coming from the perspective of being an artist himself, therefore allowing him to find inspiration from many different sources.

 “Artists like Eugene Lee, who worked on Voltron, Ethan Becker and many other popular artists [have inspired me a lot]. Animated shows in general like Gravity Falls and Owl House are another big inspiration,” Alam gushed. 

Alam also finds inspiration in graphic novels. His love for comics even influences his prospective career path. After beginning work on a few storylines, he has determined that being a comic book author is his dream. . He works towards this goal by taking art classes at Glenbard South. 

Alam is currently enrolled in Sketching with Mrs. Heise and plans on taking many more art classes through his school in the future. 

“My schedule is packed with art for the next few years,” stated Alam.

The beauty of art is how different it looks to different people. This shift in point of view could be prompted by differing art styles. Alam says that his own style has alway resembled his favorite cartoons, but his art style has undoubtedly matured throughout the years. Alam enjoys creating traditional artwork, such as paintings or drawings along with digital art, but he also tries to explore more mediums of art through 3D art and photography.