Freshmen Elections

Claire Rogers, School News Writer

Winter has begun, and so have Glenbard South’s freshman class elections! Elections are not to be taken lightly as every vote counts. This begs the question: why is it important to have student leaders in our school? Hear it from Glenbard South’s very own freshmen leaders!

The importance of student leaders

Teachers and adults in the school system have good intentions for students, but they don’t have firsthand student experience and sometimes make decisions for the student body that don’t necessarily fit. As Freshman class Secretary Candidate Say Ray Shee puts it, “It’s important to have student leaders because it helps students voices get heard.” 

It’s hard for your voice to be heard in a school of over 1100 people, but having student leaders increases inclusivity and ensures that the student body’s voices are heard. Student leaders are able to represent their class. Treasurer Candidate Zoey Tieman adds that it helps to have a student leader that is moving to take steps forward in their goal to better their Glenbard South community and help their classmates improve their high school experience.

Freshman candidate Rumaisa Shaikh.

Motivations of student leaders

Secretary Candidate Shee explains that she wanted to make high school a better experience for the class of 2026, but she also wanted to try something “new and interactive.” Presidential Candidate Olivia Cernauske adds that it’s a great opportunity for those who enjoy planning events and getting involved with the school community.

Qualities of a student leader

According toFreshman Presidential Candidate Cernauske, “An important quality to have to be on the freshman council is assertiveness. If you can talk to people, contribute ideas and take leadership, you’ll be successful!”  To be a good leader takes creativity, commitment, hard work and as Cernauske mentioned, assertiveness. 

Freshman candidate Isabella Ramirez.

It also takes someone who is welcome and accepting. (Secretary Candidate) Isabella Ramirez notes that “we need good leaders who are open to all ideas…good leaders should make everyone feel welcome and comfortable to share ideas on how to make the Glenbard South community a better one!” 

Overall, Freshman Student Board representatives want to make the high school environment a more welcoming and comfortable area. Each candidate brings their own individual ideas and priorities and presents new opportunities for Glenbard South to improve their community. 

Demonstrating the importance  for students to choose their own student leaders to represent and lead their class through their high school experience.