“Andy Warhol: A Life in Pop” Exhibit Coming to the College of DuPage


The College of DuPage campus community is not the sole enthusiast when it comes to Warholism; several exhibits across the world also showcase his art. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Matilda McLaren, Sports Editor

Following the overwhelming success of the summer 2021 exhibit, “Frida Kahlo: Timeless,” at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art at the College of DuPage, the school community wanted to continue engaging in rich, creative experiences.

In partnership with the McAninch Arts Center, the Cleve Carney Museum of Art recently announced an exhibit entitled “Andy Warhol: A Life in Pop,” expected to arrive in the summer of 2023. 

“Andy Warhol: A Life in Pop” will occupy both the Cleve Carney Museum of Art and the McAninch Arts Center, extending across nearly 10,000 square feet of museum space.

The exhibition will contain 94 pieces from “Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop/ Works from the Bank of America Collection,” a set on loan through the Bank of America’s Art in our Communities® program. Aside from this, the exhibition will also include over 100 timeless works by Warhol from the College of DuPage Permanent Art Collection. 

Artwork on Campus

The College of DuPage actively encourages its students to get involved in art, either by immersing themselves in art galleries, taking one-on-one art courses or by reflecting on the historical significance of the works on campus. 

The college is most notably home to the Cleve Carney Museum of Art, as well as two student art galleries: the Wings Gallery and Techcetera Gallery. A plethora of artwork is also displayed throughout campus buildings through COD’s Permanent Art Collection. 

The Wings Student Art Gallery provides a location for art students, faculty and alumni on campus to pursue cultural traditions and observe contemporary art. The venue also offers the chance to learn more about the process of creative curation and how a professional gallery space is operated. 

The Techcetera Gallery is located in the Student Services Center (SSC), in room 2211 across from the Wings Student Gallery on campus. Its purpose is to further celebrate and acknowledge “the interdependence of technology, media and design in a culturally diverse, global society.” The gallery even showcases the coursework and creations of COD’s technical students. 

Students can take a break from their studious lives and get inspired by visiting either one of the art galleries which operate weekdays from 11am-4pm. 

The overarching purpose of the Permanent Art Collection is to cement the works created by notable artists and creative minds from across the world into the campus identity of the College. 

According to the Cleve Carney Museum of Art website, the College of DuPage Permanent Art Collection “consists of over 720 individual artworks, not including the 69 pieces in the William E. Gahlberg Native American Contemporary Art Collection, along with more than 100 Ecuadorian masks and 17 World War II posters in the Library Collection.”

The Permanent Art Collection displays artistic pieces from all mediums, including painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography and mixed media. 

Warhol on Campus

The planning and programming required to make the Warhol exhibition possible will be led by Director of Art Diana Martinez and CCMA Curator Justin Witte. 

When speaking about the exhibition and its centrality to the DuPage County community, Martinez posited, “It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to present work by an artist who embodies so much of the American dream. He captured American culture, iconography and society in such a relatable way.”

In order to commemorate Warhol’s creative passions as well as his lifeline, the exhibition will comprise both educational and interactive elements, including a large historical timeline, video archives, mural, print factory space and an outdoor cafe drawing its inspiration from the liveliness of Warhol’s favorite place- Central Park. 

The most significant works from the Permanent Art Collection will include a screen-printed portrait of Joseph Beuys, Warhol’s iconic pieces and individual prints, as well as early pieces from his colorist “Flowers” and “Sunset” series. 

Registration for the Exhibition 

Students on COD’s campus, community members, alumni, as well as school faculty can get involved in the Warhol fest by registering for a ticket beginning August 6, 2023. “Early bird” tickets can also be purchased by looking for more information on the College of DuPage’s Art Department website.