The Writing Center

Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

As the school year progresses, one may find themself having trouble with certain assignments. Thankfully, in Mr. Joshua Hepler’s Writing Center, students are given an extraordinary opportunity to receive help, feedback, and suggestions on assignments containing any aspect of writing. Whether a student is working on an English or history essay, a project, a speech, or even college essays, the Writing Center is here to help.

“Because I’m not a teacher, I’m not grading this. I’m just here to meet you wherever you are,” expressed Mr. Hepler.  This makes the Writing Center a comfortable and inviting space for students due to its non judgemental environment. 

“Some of it is just motivation to get stuff done…” Mr. Hepler added. While the center is very conversational, Mr. Hepler also offers quiet office hours and help via google docs.    

Students can visit Mr. Hepler in the Writing Center, located at the back wall of the LRC, by appointment or walk-in. The Writing Center is open periods 4-7, before school and after school.

“Basically if the school’s open and the library is open, I’m here,” explained Mr. Hepler. The Writing Center also has additional flexible hours which can be scheduled by contacting Mr. Hepler.  Mr. Hepler emphasized that his center is a resource for students to receive help and he encourages students to take advantage of his services.